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Legislative History - Accomplishments

Parade Bill - TCA 55-9-302 b4  18 years and older can ride in a parade without a helmet at speeds not to exceed 30 mph. Each incorporated community has its own parade ordinance as to whether a permit is required. No community as os this date had an ordinance to rescind the helmet choice provision of TCA 55-9-302 b4.

Ventilate Helmet is Legal - TCA 55-9-302 a2-4. Must have label stating approved by CPSC. Holes cannot exceed 1 1/2" in diameter. These helmets can be purchased in sports, department and specialty stores.

Have repeatedly staged Freedom Rallies on the Capitol and annual Lobby Days within Legislative plaza.

Initiated repeal of mandatory Crash Bar Law. 1984 Formerly TCA 55-9-301.

1984 TCA 55-9-304 Initiated legislative change in eye protection law from mandated windshields or goggles to allow clear or tinted glasses with impact resistant lens or face shields.

Brought legislation to Senator Henry, which created and funded the Tennessee Motorcycle Rider Education Program. Funded solely by $2 from each motorcycle registration and $1 of each M endorsement. Supported and lobbied for legislation which passed. In 1986, encouraged the Tennessee Dealers Association to also support and work for passage of this legislation. 1987 TCA 55-51-101, 107.

Handicap Plate available on motorcycle. 1988, Administrative decision involving TCA 55-21-101 et seq; DEFINITION OF MOTOR VEHICLE INCLUDES MOTORCYCLE in TCA 55-1-103c. Landmark decision by legal department of legislature and general counsel of Department of Safety that the two above mentioned TCA sections equal a definition that a motorcycle is a "vehicle" and is to be considered as such in all laws referencing vehicles, including the DISABLED DRIVERS LAW OF 1975.

1989 TCA 55-7-107, Open bed trucks. Legislative sponsor at request of CMT/ABATE Inc. was Rep. Joyce Hassell from Memphis. Provides that loose materials falling from bed of truck and causing damage to another vehicle will be paid for by the truck operator and/or owner. This is the first time CMT/ABATE Inc. was involved in the regulatory process as well as lawmaking. The regs stated that open bed trucks have a truck number on the bed of the truck so that vehicle could be identified for reimbursement purposes.

Have garnered many May is Motorcycle Awareness Month Proclamations and designations from several Governors and the Tennessee General Assembly

Passed HB395/SB469. Additional provisions to TCA 55-9-302. Allows removal of headgear during processions, memorial rides, and/or body escort details. Signed by Governor on 5/20/2015

Legalized continually flashing lights. NOTE this allowances in conflict with Federal law. Has not been challenged in court. Warning: Memphis does not, like most incorporated communities adopt the entire TCA. into their city ordinances and refers to the Federal Statute in this instance.

States Rights 1995, Convinced the Tennessee General Assembly to send a Joint Resolution to the US Congress in support of.

2003 TCA 55-8-110(b). Motorcyclists to treat electronic traffic signal that do not detect motorcycle as a 4-way (all-way) stipend proceed after a reasonable wait.

Formerly TCA 55-9-305 Repealed in 2005 by Public Chapter 135. Maximum handlebar height of 15 inches restriction lifted.

2005, TCA 55-4-110(b). Military plates for motorcycles. Incorporated language for inclusion of motorcycles in original bill for all vehicle military plates which became law.

Right of  Way Violation legislation that increase fines and penalties for those who cause serious injury or death when violating right of way in an accident(applies to all vehicles) 2006 and expanded in 2007.

2010 TCA 55-24-101(4) Motorcycles specifically included in the Lemon Law.

2010 55-4-110(4) Vertical Tags on motorcycle allowed. Letters read top to bottom.

2012 TCA 55-8-164 e(1). Initiated an amendment through Rep. John Tidwell to a bad bill which would have prohibited motorcycle passengers under the age of 5, changing it to a good bill - feet must be on passenger foot pegs and support supported passage into law. Good safety laws instead of bad discrimination law that would have been unenforceable.

The "Rickey Otts Act" which requires an Officer to arrest drivers involved in accidents resulting in serious bodily injury or death when such drive lack a valid driver license and evidence of financial responsibility; prohibits the issuance of a citation in lieu of arresting such circumstances.2012 Amends TCA Titles 39, 40,55-10,55-12,55-50 and 55-8.

Opposed HB 428/SB253 which would have mandated Motorcycle Rider Education for those under 18. Our position; not enough riders Ed sites spread across the State to meet the demand, cost of travel and accusation for youth prohibitive for successful enforcement (unfunded mandate) and infringes on parental rights for decisions of training and safety. 2013 bill failed in subcommittee.

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