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If you do not know what charter you would like to be a member of you can find out what charters are closest to you by clicking here. If there isn't a charter near you - we still NEED  you and you still need us. You can join as a Member-At- Large. You are still a valued member and you have all the rights and privileges of all other members. You do not however have a voting representative at the Board of Director's meetings. We will keep you informed of new charters starting in your area and will even help you get one going if you want.


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  • Full ($30.00 Annually): This is the normal membership. You will receive the Patch, Year Rocker on subsequent years, Tennessee Motorcyclist (newsletter) monthly, information on the AIM/NCOM Attorney services available to you free of charge, and many other benefits.

  • Joint ($40.00 Annually): This is for married couples. You will receive two of everything except the newsletter and you are both voting members.

  • Junior ($10.00 Annually): This is for kids under the age of 16. This is a non-voting membership and is intended for children of paid members.

  • Lifetime ($300.00 one time): This is the full membership paid one time and you are a members of your Motorcycle Rights Organization FOREVER.


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