EPA Motorcycle Outlaw

The EPA is Trying to Outlaw YOUR Motorcycle?

In November of 2000, the EPA proposed Docket A-2000-01- the “Control of Emissions From Non-road Large Spark Ignition Engines, Recreational Engines (Marine and Land-Based), and Highway Motorcycles.” The EPA proposes to require that the federal class III motorcycle standards match the recently finalized California program. Tier 1, which applies to all Class III motorcycles starting in the 2006 model year, proposes a 1.4 g/km HC+NOx standard. Tier 2, which applies starting in the 2010 model year, proposes a 0.8 g/km HC+NOx standard. This differs from the current federal standard in that NOx is not included in the current 5.0 g/km HC federal limit.

So what does this mean to me?

Motorcycles will be forced to be built with electronic ignitions (no carburetors), electronic ignitions (no points), catalytic converters (no custom exhaust), no tuning modifications (shear bolts), only the original replacement parts put on by authorized service centers (no aftermarket or "mom & pop" shops), more expensive motorcycles (to offset the cost of research and development to meet these new standards), a reduction in motorcycle usage and the death of small manufactures (who don't have the resources for the cost of R & D).

What is anyone doing about it?

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation, countless State Motorcycle Rights Organizations, the American Motorcycle Association, Independent Shop Association of Wisconsin and many individuals have spent hours talking to the EPA and elected representatives in Washington. The EPA's response has been the only thing we'll be able to change is "Color and Chrome" and that "You have no say" on this issue. We motorcyclists disagree. Through hard work we have extended comment periods, lobbied lawmakers, introduced legislation and have succeeded in preventing the EPA from introducing the administrative rule up to this point.

What are the arguments?

  1. Motorcycles are responsible for only a tiny portion of the pollution attributable to all street vehicles.
  2. Tougher standards will kill the $14 billion aftermarket industry some 10,000 custom shops and neighborhood mechanics nationwide, franchised dealers and small-volume motorcycle makers.
  3. Tougher standards WILL REDUCE MOTORCYCLING IN AMERICA the result will be more gas consumption, more road wear, more gridlock, hence MORE POLLUTION
  4. The EPA ignores the issue of rider safety - where will the 1500-degree converter go?
  5. The EPA did not meet its obligations under Executive Order 12866 to consider a less stringent alternative to the proposed emission standards.

What can I do to help keep motorcycling a viable mode of transportation?

  1. We need to understand the issue. The MRF has an amazing amount of information on their website at: http://www.mrf.org/epa.php.
  2. We need to let our elected representatives in Washington DC know how we feel about this issue. Contact your local county courthouse or www.house.gov andwww.senate.gov to find your rep and/or senator.
  3. We need to let the EPA know how each of us feels about this. Marianne L. Horinko (Acting EPA Administrator) Environmental Protection Agency, Ariel Rios Building, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 20460 (202) 272-0167
  4. We need to get this information to every motorcyclist and small independent motorcycle shop we can find. Find the ones in your area by looking in your phone book and share with them how this proposed rule will kill their business.


This issue has not and will never get national news coverage. The only people it affects are motorcyclists. We HAVE to win this fight on our own and the only way to do it is to get involved, make some noise and make a difference. It's up to us! Spread the word and preserve motorcycling as we know it for future generations!

For more information contact the MRF Office in Washington D.C. at 202-546-0983, www.mrf.org


Visit the Sons of Liberty Riders at http://www.solrpa.com/issues/hd.html

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