Here is a picture of Smith/Wilson Charter Director Kim Marlin with Representative-Elect Susan Lynn. Miss Lynn's district is within Kim's Charter area of influence.

Last weekend's helmet optional parade was a great success. Many thanks to Kim for taking the random thought and running with it! We enjoyed a police escort that was a knock out!

This parade served as a demonstration of support for our candidates who support our liberty. We suggested that parade participants make a campaign donation to their candidate.

Kim Marlin made a special meeting with Miss Lynn to present those campaign funds this chilly Saturday morning. Miss Lynn invited the Charter to ride out to her Campaign Celebration on Election Day. So if you are a District 57 constituent or Smith/Wilson charter member, be sure to contact Kim for the details.

Today is the deadline that Candidates for government office can receive campaign contributions. These final ten days leaves candidates focused on VOTES, something we have in much greater volume to offer!


If you have tried without reply, please try again.

I am providing our updated list of the campaign races. Many changes have happened since the last document. The motorcyclists who have reported back to me have their information included.

Every Candidate in yellow desperately needs to hear from a constituent or even better, the Charter Legislative Chair or Director in their area of influence.

As a CMT/ABATE member you do not have to be a constituent of their district. Our organization is known by local motorcyclists as the go-to source for candidate and legislative information. As a member, you serve as an information officer and have the opportunity to influence votes in their district!

Please conduct your questions of the candidate as if you are in the most important job interview of your life. Use your Sunday Church or Grandma word choices.

Begin your conversation with a one minute or less intro of who you are. For example: "I am a constituent in your district," including where you live and what you do for a living. OR "I am a member of CMT/ABATE, a political grassroots motorcycle organization. Riders have been asking me if I know how the candidates in district '_#_' stand for motorcycle issues. I just wanted to touch base with you so I could better serve your community of motorcyclists as an information officer."

Keep in mind you might only get 4 to 5 minutes with the candidate. So don't linger too long in the fun chitty chat. Get right to your point because you can always go back to those topics if the candidate offers time to do so.

In case you are lost for a launching point, here is a suggestion:

"Do you support the US Constitution, Bill or Rights, TN Constitution and Declaration of Rights?"

"Do you believe the US Government has the right to tell individual states how to govern by threat of withholding collected tax revenue?"

"In 1968, Tennessee was told to force motorcyclists to wear helmets or loose millions in citizen collected revenues. Would you agree that 44 years is long enough by supporting a bill to restore our liberty to choose what we wear on our heads when we ride?"

PLEASE do NOT get involved in a war of words if they do not agree to support liberty!!! Remember, you are interviewing for the most important job of your lifetime. Treat it as if you wish to protect any slim glimmer of hope to get it.

For those who believe in mandatory helmet use, consider this: If the government exercises it's authority to force helmet use, then does it not also have the authority to forbid it's use? We do NOT oppose the device. We oppose the loss of liberty to choose. Candidates are often surprised to hear that if Tennessee lawmakers wished to outlaw the use of helmets while riding, we would be just as opposed to that mandate as well.

After concluding this discussion, be polite by offering not to take up more of there time. If they support our liberty, ask how you can pick up some yard signs to help out before you close your conversation. Let them know that motorcyclists work to get votes for their candidates.

The goal of this personal contact with candidates is to introduce them to the concept that motorcyclists vote. We don't have to win them over to our cause today. Your lobby team can work on that for your interests much more easily if the candidate knows that a motorcyclist was working their campaign district.

In sales it is labeled a "warm call". A cold call is when the salesman unexpectedly calls or knocks at the door. A call becomes warm when someone has previously made the initial contact with the individual.

As your lobbyists, Tony and I heard on more than one occasion "How come I haven't heard from any of my constituents on this?" Representatives are supposed to work for the will of their people rather than a slick sales pitch of a lobbyist. One member told us he would support the bill if his constituents asked him but until then, he could not sign on. He knew he would get calls from the sweet blue haired ladies worried about their motorcycle grandkids and needed to be able to honestly say that his constituents asked him to support it.

Kim Marlin, Terry Presley, Dean Lucas, Tony Dabbs, Teresa and Denny Hemphill are shining examples of the leadership this organization needs to win liberty. Please thank them when you see them.

If your candidate has no position statement following their name that means we are looking to YOU to be a leader by making that initial contact. Please be sure to follow up with me on their answers .

We can do it WITH ya but we can't do it FOR ya!

Rhonda Rae Williams

YOUR Legislative Director


Lifetime At-Large Member

931-205-2644 mobile

931-815-2224 office